Rye Whiskey


Rye Whiskey

Experience a deeper expression of our famous spicy flavor.

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Warm baking spices, caramel, hints of wood and rye spice


Charred oak complimented by sweet brown sugar, touch of black pepper and dried fruit


Smoke and char notes wrapped in caramel



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Deeper Flavor Drawn
From Deep Roots

To produce this very special batch of Basil Hayden’s Rye we employed a long known but rarely used “re-barreling” technique.

We start by aging a traditional rye four years, then transfer it to newly charred quarter cask barrels to age an additional seven years. The smaller barrels create more contact with the oak and allows more air to breathe into the cask. The result is an incredibly deep flavor.

It’s not easy or quick, but blending just a small amount of this “re-barreled” liquid into our Rye Whiskey amplifies its natural characteristics and creates a profile that shines in any serve. Find a few friends and try it for yourself. Then be sure to let us know what you think.


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