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Please & Thank You - Louisville, KY

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Please & Thank You - Louisville, KY

Brooke Vaughn has conjured the platonic ideal of the chocolate chip cookie.

“It’s a pride thing. I worked hard for well-over a year to perfect our chocolate chip cookie.”
“And there’s no butter in it?”
“Are you kidding? Of course there is!”

This is Please & Thank You. Great music (soul) was spinning on the old hi-fi record player. Greater coffee. They’ve developed a special bean with local roasters Argo Sons that mixes well with the solid tunes. And Chocolate Chip Cookies. If this place served a shot of bourbon with their coffee, it would be all over for me.

Owners Vaughn and her husband, the designer Jason Pierce met in Indianapolis while she worked at the coffee shop across from the record store where he worked. As love blossomed, so too did a lucrative business concept. Brooke and Jason realized the joining together of vinyl and caffeine just makes sense.

I arrived early, at the end of a long run along the mighty Mississippi River. I read the morning paper while a soulful song dug itself into the deepest groove of the vinyl. Sipping a special, super mellow, locally roasted coffee from a hearty diner mug, I devoured not one, not two, but every bit of three of the freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, made with the greatest ever combination of sugar and flour and chocolate and egg and yes, butter ever created.

In addition to the delicious cookies, I was also able to try their Soup of the Day: Tomato Soup and Cheddar Biscuits. And just like her cookies, I’d call her cheddar biscuits, one of a kind.

Must Try: A Spanish Latte, the tomato soup and cheddar biscuits, and as many chocolate chip cookies as you can handle.



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