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Fountain Prairie Farms & Inn - Fall River, WI


Fountain Prairie Farms & Inn - Fall River, WI

As I pulled up to Dorothy and John Priske’s dusty blue Victorian-era farm home, the images of a pastoral life immediately sprang to mind: rising with the cock’s crow to an early morning’s sunrise over a grassy hill; traipsing through those hills herding hundreds of beautiful, long-haired Scottish Highlands cattle pleasantly grazing and sounding their call; standing in the barn, brushing off the dirt and mud of a hard day’s work; and anticipating a warm, home-cooked meal. And it can all be yours, if only for a night’s stay at the inn. About a half-hour’s drive from Madison, the Priskes’ home once acted as a boarding house for the farm’s workers.  Today, those boarding rooms have been turned into a bed and breakfast. Guests experience much more than the usual overnight stay. The Inn at this sustainable family farm serves locally grown produce, Berkshire pork, and their trademark grass-fed Highland beef.


That morning, over breakfast, Dorothy suggested I head to Graze for lunch. “I think they’re serving Big Daddy, right now.”

“Is that a dish?”
“No, he was one of our bulls.”
“Oh, right.”

Fountain Prairie Farms & Inn


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